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DAMON CRUMP and JACKALOPE ENTERTAINMENT have been providing award-winning film and video production services for over 35 years.  Based in Waco, Texas, Damon works as a writer, director, producer, director-of-photography and editor.


We specialize in bringing clients cinematic Hollywood-style quality by combining high-end production value with a touch of creativity.  This enables us to communicate our client's message to their audience efficiently and effectively while not spending the Hollywood dollars.  We produce projects on the local, national and international level.  The majority of our work takes place in Waco, Dallas, Ft Worth, Austin, Houston and San Antonio, but we travel across the US and overseas as well.


Our clients benefit from our vast experience in the industry along with us owning and using the best equipment on the market.  We use 4K cameras, cine' prime & zoom lenses, LED, Tungsten & HMI lights, HD client monitors, wired & wireless mics & mixers, dolly & track, camera jibs & cranes, drones, grip trucks & experienced crew.  We use AVID for all post production editing.  We work with all budget levels.


Our goal is to always be one of the top production companies in Texas and are proud to have won many local and national awards for a wide variety of projects such as TV commercials, TV shows, sizzle reels, reality TV, videos for web, corporate, recruiting, image, events, training, safety, PR, tourism, medical, educational as well as music videos, short films and full-length feature movies.  We develop concepts, write scripts, cast actors, scout locations, hire crew, shoot, edit and provide support for all kinds of projects.  We are friendly and easy to work with and our talent and experience level are second to none.  We work with each individual client to showcase their product or service in the most visually cinematic style possible to make it stand out above all the competition.


Please contact us to discuss your next project and see how we can elevate your vision.


Check out our DEMO REELS and the links below to see the kind of quality we provide.


Celebrating 35 Years in Business!

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A Culture of Joy

Baylor Aviation Sciences

DS Elite Promo

Deal #5


Parsons Roofing Freightliner Install

Parsons Roofing Animation

We Are JRBT 2022

Inhabit Real Estate Group TV 1

Tarkett - Volleyball Ft Worth

SIR Child Care Program 60 TV Ad


Turn Medical Combined Brand

Imagine Her Christmas (Short Film)

The Tenor

Kwik Kar TV - Tastes Like Chocolate

Grant Hotel Reveal


America’s Finest Episode 1

America’s Finest Episode 2

Mr Appliance Blow Dried :30 US

Mr Appliance Blow Dried :15 US

Mr Appliance Indoor BBQ :15 US

Mr Appliance Indoor BBQ :30 US

Baylor School of Social Work 50th Anniversary

Hyde Park PUD

Baylor Scott & White Cancer Clinic - College Station

Baylor Angel Network Promo

Brigadier Homes - Bad Trade Good Trade

Five Star Painting :15 A

Five Star Painting :15 B

Park Place - Waco

Down by the Swap Meet open

Richard Sapp for Justice of the Peace

Baylor Business School: Golden Years

Pickup Outfitters Waco TV: End Vehicle Nudity

Rainbow Int’l TV Spot: Exit Interview 2 - Smell

Rainbow International: Fire

Rainbow International: Pipe

Blaine McCormick: Truckspotting Class

McLennan Community College: Business

McLennan Community College: Music Industry Careers

McLennan Community College: Human Services & Education

Anderson Glass TV

Rainbow International:  Survivor

Rainbow International:  Family Photos

Rainbow International:  Carpet

Promotional Video: Waco Independent School District

McLennan Community College: Emergency Services Ed

McLennan Community College:  Health Professionals

McLennan Community College:  Transfer Students

Cotton Palace Waco Tourism

Promotional Video: Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy

Steve Sorrells for Woodway City Council

Fortress Lo Pro

Damon Crump & Jackalope Entertainment 2015 Demo Reel

Rainbow International TV: Stains & Odors

Rainbow International TV: Exit Interview - Pet

Rainbow International TV: Exit Interview - Wine

Web Spot: Med Couture

TV Spot: Grace Gardens Funeral Home - Bluebonnets

TV Spot: Quality Air Care 1

TV Spot: Quality Air Care 2

Scott & White Bone & Joint Institute

2014 Baylor Lady Bears Basketball Intro

2012 Baylor Lady Bears Basketball Intro

2013 Baylor Lady Bears Basketball Intro

TV Spot: Glass Doctor - Windows

TV Spot: Aire Serv National

Sizzle Reel: Fairfield Homes & Land

PSA TV Spot: Family Abuse Center

2012 Baylor Lady Bears Basketball Open

Promo Video: Waco Convention Center

TV Spot: Glass Doctor - Shower

TV Spot: Grace Gardens Funeral Home

TV Spot: Greater Waco Advanced Manufacturing Academy


TV Spot: Troy Aikman GMC Trucks

TV Spot: Towne Square Rocker

TV Spot: Say Moose - Daryl "Moose" Johnston Chevy

TV Spot: Oak Farms-Kim Mulkey

TV Spot: Richland Mall - Magic Star

TV Spot: University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

TV Spot: Texas State Technical College

TV Spot: Waco Bond Election

TV Spot: Waco Bond Election - Library

TV Spot: Dr. Dirt - PPF

(Pat Pilgrim Fertilizer)

Texas State Technical College - CIT Recruiting (clip)

TV Spot: Research Valley Project

TV Spot: Park Ridge Hospital - Nurses

TV Spot: Time Warner Cable

Baylor Lady Bears 2009 Open

TV Spot: Belize Tourism

TV Spot: Vein Center of Waco Surgical Group

TV Spot: Williams Brown Law Firm


The Tenor Trailer

Tenor Teaser Trailer

Risen Teaser Trailer

Theatrical Trailer: Risen

Trash Day Trailer

The Patchwork Monkey Trailer

Endings Trailer

TRASH DAY (Short Film)

Imagine Her Christmas (Short Film)

The Tenor (Short Film)


Web Videos

TV Commercials

TV Shows

Reality Shows

Sizzle Reels

Corporate Videos

Industrial Videos

Promotional/Image Videos

Sales & Marketing Videos

Training & Safety Videos

Educational Videos

Tourism Promos

Recruitment Videos

Music Videos

Independent Movies

Short Films


Family History Videos

Creative Concept Development




Crew Hiring/Referrals


Location Scouting

Talent Auditions

Post Production Editing

Animation & Graphics

Photography (Freddie)

Photoshop, Illustrator & After FX

Graphic Design

CGI Effects

Sound Design








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As a teenager, Damon made short films with his Dad’s Super 8 film camera.  He later turned this hobby into a career and now has more than 35 years experience as a writer, director, producer, director of photography & editor through his Waco, Texas-based company Jackalope Entertainment.  Damon is a graduate of Baylor University with a B.B.A. in marketing/management.  He has shot hundreds of commercials, web and corporate videos and his productions have won many local and national awards.  Damon also has served as a director, producer or director of photography on a number of independent movies and short films.


Damon has shot for various network reality TV shows such as BIG RICH TEXAS, MATCHMAKER MILLIONAIRE, RUNNING WILD WITH TED NUGENT, HAULIN' HOUSE & THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW.  He has over 20 years experience as an Avid editor as well.  His directing credits include the zombie film RISEN, which won best picture at the Chicago Horror Film Festival, a Silver Remi at Worldfest Houston, and a Platinum EMPixx Award, and the short films TRASH DAY, THE GREAT CARTONI, THE TENOR & IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE.



John graduated from Baylor University with a Radio-TV-Film degree and went straight to work as a writer and director, producing cable TV commercials and television shows. John worked for Phillips Productions in Dallas where he continued to thrive as a producer and writer on a national scale, qualifying for the Writers Guild of America. Two shows John worked on won Emmy Awards. He then moved to Bryan/College Station to partner in the production company Frame by Frame.

In a career spanning two decades, John has become an accomplished writer, director, producer and Cinematographer. John has shot projects all over the world, including Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Australia, Niger, Mali, India, Brazil, Peru, Nigeria, Ecuador, Uruguay, Belize, Jamaica, Thailand, Puerto Rico and Mexico. His work for the international Mission Board has been some of John’s most rewarding work to date. John was director of photography for the movies Endings & Risen. He also shot and produced the award winning short film Trash Day. John is currently involved in directing the nationally broadcast TV series “Being Human” on EWTN.



Brian Elliott is an award-winning Writer-Producer-Director who has worked in a variety of media related fields including independent feature films, documentaries, live television, commercials, music videos and corporate videos. Over the years, his projects have taken him to 12 countries on 5 continents. Most recently, Brian wrote and produced  the feature  film BLUR CIRCLE . He also serves as a Senior Lecturer in the Film & Digital Media Department at Baylor University and has produced several feature films and short films.


Brian recently wrote and produced two short films that Damon Crump directed, THE TENOR and THE GREAT CARTONI.  He also wrote and co-directed STRANGERS & ALIENS and BYP.







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Audio/Graphic Designer








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While working for Coca-Cola, Jose aka Freddie (The Graphics Cowboy) started his career in the world of graphics and animation. Beginning as a late nite hobby, his ambition quickly led him into a self-taught education through vigorous late night studying. His knowledge in the multi-media area is clearly seen through his work. Freddie has knowledge in vital areas such as Photoshop, AfterFX, InDesign, Light Wave 3D, Interactive Media Programs.


Freddie also offers professional photography from his office.


He also has a concrete company that does patios, sidewalks, driveways and small foundations.


Freddie's main function on set is providing gaffing, lighting and audio duties, making him a valuable asset in the field as well in the edit suite.





Since graduating from Sam Houston State University in 1984 with a B.S. in Industrial Technology with a Fine Arts minor, David’s inspiration has focused on creating effective award-winning media design for the past 20+ years. After working in print and web media, David moved into the field of broadcast motion graphics and post production at Frame by Frame. During that time, he worked with broadcast affiliates ABC, CBS, NBC, COX, and SuddenLink Media. In 2001, David started his own company, Cogwheel Media, which services a wide variety of broadcast and corporate clients. He continues to provide location sound on national commercials, reality shows, documentaries and films. His experience in effects compositing, post production, sound for broadcast, and art direction, has honed a multi-talented individual that gives his all to every project and is a positive asset on set.


David's location sound clients include:  BBC, HGTV, Discovery, MTV, NFL Network, Fox Sports, ABC Sports, SPIKE, CMT,  LMNO Productions, E! and Univision.

He also served as co-producer on the feature film RISEN and is

co-director of the short film BYP.



Thomas worked as a Musician and Art Director for over 10 years, which provided him the necessary skills to start his own company, Third Eye Productions art.  As his multimedia design company grew over the past decade, Thomas has played a major part in a wide variety of projects including many for TEEX-Texas A&M University Systems, Texas BEST robotics and the feature film RISEN and the short films TRASH DAY & STRANGERS & ALIENS.


TEP art works creatively with ad agencies, production companies, broadcast affiliates, state & U.S. Government agencies. Projects include working with 3D modeling, Film Visual Effects, Graphic Design and Audio.


In addition to working as a boom operator and sound recordist on many video productions, Thomas is also a very talented musician/composer and has played guitar professionally in several bands.


The FIRST step and probably the most important step.


The idea, the concept, the creation…. This is the phase many people want to skip because it can be time consuming. Going into production without a plan is like building a house without a blueprint. Not a good idea. The need to start with a blueprint to form a master plan is critical to the overall success of your video. Developing a detailed outline and writing a solid and approved shooting script is a must if you want a project done right. And it gets everyone on the same page as to what the overall production is going to look and feel like.


We can develop your creative and write your scripts.  Or we can take your ideas and scripts and polish them for you.  Most of the time we work hand in hand with our clients to build a script that is video friendly and ready to maximize your vision.


Once we have a script or at least a good idea of what you need, we develop a budget for the production.  Our goal is to stay on budget and make sure the production process is an enjoyable experience for you.  Pre-Production also includes tasks like location scouting, developing a shooting schedule, building sets, finding props & wardrobe, casting & auditioning talent, casting extras and hiring the crew.


Your production will need some combination of these crew positions:  Writers, Producers, Directors, Cameraman, Editors, Production Managers, Production Coordinators, Production Designers, Set Decorators, Audio Mixers, Boom Operators, Camera Assistants, Dolly Grips, Gaffers, Key Grips, Best Boys, Grips, Makeup, Production Assistants, Music Composers, Foley Artists, etc.   We'll decide what and who is needed for your project.  It may be just one or two people or a full crew of talented behind-the-scenes people.


Once Pre-Production is complete, you’ll be in good shape and ready to move to the next step....


The SECOND step. This is where the shooting/filming takes place.


Video Production: HD & 4K

Film Production: 35mm & 16mm motion picture film

Audio Production: Dialogue Recording, Radio Spots, Voice Over’s, Music-on-hold, Spanish Translations, Books on Tape, Singing (Voice) Tracks


We specialize in bringing you “Hollywood-Style” production quality while not spending the Hollywood dollars. Our goal is to combine high-end production value with a touch of cinematic creativity that enables you to communicate your message to your audience efficiently and effectively.


High-end cinematic images are what we’re about. That’s our training, background and specialty. We always strive for the best quality possible, even when time and budget constraints are challenging.


Based on pre-production decisions, we provide all the crew & equipment needed to do the job. This includes the camera pkg(s), lenses, audio gear, lights, grip & support equipment, telepromptors, dollies, jibs, makeup, etc., along with an experienced crew. We run a polished and efficient set so that we move along as fast as possible while maintaining quality.


There are three basic elements we stress & consider in every shot we set up:

1. The Camera (type of camera, image sensor size, gamma setting, camera angle, focal length of lens, lens type, camera movement, exposure, focus, frame rate etc)


2. The Lighting (style, mood, exposure, color temperature, key/fill ratios, backlight intensity, etc)


3. The Audio (mic type, mic placement, mixing, etc)


Shooting may take a full day, or half day, or two days or many more days.  Every production is different.  This is typically the most expensive phase of the three phases.  So it’s important that pre-production work is thorough.  After the shoot is wrapped it’s time to move to the final phase....


Step THREE. This is where all the magic comes together. Editing.


Here’s what takes place in the edit suite:  Video editing, audio editing, color grading, sound effects, graphics, titles, animations, sound effects, music mixing, voice-over recording, file conversions & rendering and file uploading.


Azbell Electronics is our post production home..  In 2014 we moved into a brand-new building and a brand-new edit suite.  We think you’ll find this is the nicest, most modern, most comfortable and coolest edit suite in Central Texas.


All our editing is performed on the AVID. AVID is the name you'll see in the credits of nearly any big movie or show you watch. It's the brand Hollywood trusts & uses. While there are many post systems out there, and many different editing rates, at some point it all comes down to the experience of the operator and the people doing the work. A high-powered machine is nothing without the knowledge and experience to run it. We have editors and graphic artists who are able to deal with and solve each new challenge that our clients throw at us.


Our AVID system captures footage from virtually all file-based camera formats.  And just in case, we’ve kept many of our old VTR tape decks in case older SD footage is needed for a project.  We can work with old tape formats such as: BetaSP, Betacam, DVCPro, DVCam, DV, MII, S-VHS, & ¾” etc.


Our Azbell Avid Edit Suite includes a 60-inch HD monitor & high-end speakers.   There’s nothing like watching your final project on the big screen once everything is complete.  We also have an audio booth in the suite where you can have your voice-overs recorded.  But beware of the zombie who lives in there. We have an in-house sound effects library as well as our online libraries for music and effects.  Custom music scores are also an option.  Plus, the suite is fully decorated with movie posters and lots of Star Wars, James Bond and other fun movie stuff.


The jackalope is one of natures most curious creatures. It's one of the rarest animals found exclusively in the United States. The jackalope is mostly a nocturnal animal and has keen senses of hearing and smell. Cowboy tales in the old west days told of it being attracted to alcohol, probably because it was first sighted on cattle trails. The jackalope is a breed of antelope and jackrabbit and is considered one of the most amazing of all desert animals. It's cry is often described as somewhat human and tuneful, and is usually heard on moonlit nights. The most common species is found in the western and south central plains. The jackalope is very timid and usually is afraid of people. They are mostly seen mounted in stores from Texas to Wyoming. It is currently illegal to trap or hunt jackalopes, even though they are not considered an endangered species. Nature photographers are known to use a mix of bourbon, beer & baloney to lure the jackalope into range for pictures.



Why should we use you vs. some other company? Look at our experience and talent level.  Look at samples of our work.  Very few people in the state of Texas have been doing production longer than we have.  We are passionate about what we do, and we believe you can see it.  It’s not always about the lowest price.  We’re about quality, not being the least expensive.  We are very competitive with our rates.


How can I tell the difference between your company vs. others? Visit with each company owner or producer.  Ask to take a look at everyone’s demo reel (video samples) and web site. The personalities and the quality of work should answer your questions.  Our work speaks for itself…as they say…


How much does it cost? Probably the most popular question we get.  There are way too many variables in each individual production to have a standard set price.  Every project varies.  It’s in your best interest to have a custom budget put together for you, otherwise you’ll likely pay too much.  It all has to do with time and money.  Better equipment cost more.  Experience and talent cost more.  The more time (days) it takes to shoot, the more it costs.  Same with editing.  Some projects are actually simple.  Many others are not.  Once you tell us what you are looking for, we can give you general price ranges very fast.


How do you charge? High-end production companies charge by the Full Day or Half Day for shooting.  Hourly shooting rates are a sign of low-end production.  If you’re looking for something good, stay away from people that charge by the hour.


Standard shooting days are based on 10 hours.  Half Days are 5 hours or under.  Some types of productions run on 12 hour days.  Movies & reality shows are examples.  Corporate and commercial work is usually on 10 hour days.


Editing is based on an hourly rate.  We charge by the quarter hour.  And we round down.  Meaning if you use an hour and twenty minutes of editing time, we round back to the nearest fifteen-minute interval. So the charged editing time would be 1.25 hours. Some companies will round up, meaning you’d pay 1.5 hours instead of 1.25 hours.


Most projects are billed half in advance, and half after completion. Sometimes it’s billed in thirds. One third up front, one third after shooting, and one third after editing. And then others are billed only at completion. It depends on the project and the duration of time from start to finish.


Each production is discussed on a case-by-case basis.  Pre-production charges vary from project to project.  We do not charge to talk and visit with you initially about your production.  That’s FREE!


After we hear what you want and need, we will provide you with a written proposal that details everything.


How long does it take? Another wide open question.  It all depends on the complexity of the project.  It’s best to call and discuss the project to get a realistic sense of what’s involved.  We can give you a realistic timeline once we know what you want.  It can take anywhere from a day or two, or many months or years. Just depends on what the project is.


Our most common types of projects are usually one or two days of shooting for videos 5 minutes and under.


Do you travel outside of Waco? Yes.  We basically work wherever we need to go.  The majority of our work is done in Texas.  It’s a large state.  But we have worked on projects outside of Texas and travel internationally from time to time.  We all keep current passports so we are ready to go anywhere in the world.  In recent years we have had shoots in Oklahoma, California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota as well as Belize, Mexico & Dubai.


Why are TV stations cheaper to make TV commercials than you? Simple.  TV stations want your advertising money to air your spots.  They basically give away the production cost as a token fee.  They make their money from you buying airtime.  TV stations can rarely offer the same high quality production as a true production company.  That’s why most local TV stations make bad and cheesy commercials.  Take a look and compare.


Should I shoot my project in 4K? That depends on what the final destination of the video is.  If it’s for YouTube, Vimeo, your web site,  4K isn’t needed in most cases.


If you’re making a show to stream on a streaming service or to show on a big screen like in a movie theater, 4K is probably the way to go.


Most of our clients just need regular HD resolution.   1920x1080 is normally fine for most projects.  4K, 8K & beyond is not necessary at this time for most projects.


Keep in mind most web videos are highly compressed into a small file so it’ll play well on the web.  So 4K and up might take longer to load and play depending on internet speed, etc.


Do I need to shoot on a RED or Arri Alexia type camera? Typically No.  If you’re making a big movie, it’s worth discussing.  But those are not made for standard video production.  Those are high-end cinema cameras and you’re probably going to be paying more for those cameras on your projects. They are overkill for what the majority of people really need.  Save the money.


What kind of camera and equipment do you use? We try to keep up with the ever changing world of equipment.  We own a Sony FS7, Sony FX6, Sony XDCam, a Panasonic 17” HD monitor, LED lights, Arri Light kits, Shure Audio Mixer, Tram Lavs, Dana Dolly, etc.  We also rent gear when it’s needed, such as a grip truck, telepromptor, dolly or camera crane/jib.  We basically use what we need to accomplish what you need.


Should I go thru an ad agency to get to you? I do work for some advertising & marketing agencies and those are great people to work with.  But it’s not necessary many times.  I would advise to stay away from any agency that has in-house video people.   Most of the time ad agencies can’t afford to have on staff a truly highly trained video producer.  That’s why they contract out to people like me.   They usually don’t have enough video production demand to have a really good person focus on just video production.  They may have someone that can shoot video, but are they really a specialist at it?   Call me first and we’ll discuss what you actually need.


Can you still edit from video tape? Yes.  While tape is certainly a thing of the past, there’s still a ton of footage out there on tape.  Whether professional tape or consumer tape, we’ve maintained a wide variety of VTR’s and VCR’s in order to still work with these formats.  Our edit suite supports BetaSP, Betacam, DVCPro (25), DVCam, Mini DV, MII, ¾”, Super VHS, 8mm, Hi 8 & yes, even VHS.  But eventually the decks will age beyond a point where they work, so archiving is something everyone should consider before it gets tougher.


Can I still get DVD’s and Blu-rays? Yes if needed.  But realize DVD’s are standard definition, not HD.  To get HD on a disc, you must go Blu-Ray.  To get 4K on a disc, you must go to 4K Blu-ray.


What kind of projects do you do? Nearly everything.


Do you write scripts? Yes.  We can assist in any phase of a production.


Have you won awards? Yes, we’ve been very fortunate through the years to win many local and national awards for our work.  It’s always a team effort, and I mean that.


Is RISEN out on DVD? If I had a dollar for every time I’m asked…..  Our zombie movie RISEN is out on DVD in the UK and Japan among other countries.  Keep checking our RISEN Facebook Fan site.


Will there be a RISEN 2? No, RISEN II: Zombies Gone Wild will not likely happen.


Is Avid better? The AVID nonlinear editing system is a leading, well regarded name around the world.  AVID carries a certain amount prestige with it, but it doesn’t mean you are paying more.  Our setup will enable you to do just about anything you want.  Our AVID Edit Suite is a fun place to be creative and see your projects come to life.


How long have you been doing film & video work? I’ve got over 35 years of professional experience in film and video production.  Plus at least 8 more years’ experience as an amateur filmmaker making Super 8mm short films while growing up.


Why would anyone not hire you? Good question!!!


Do you provide still photography services? Yes.  I have several great connections that do that.


What is Azbells? Azbell Electronics is the home of our AVID editing suite.  Azbells’ has been in business over 60 years and continues to offer a multitude of services, including video and audio equipment installations, TV & audio sales, sports video equipment, Video tape, DVD & CD duplication and much more. Check out the Azbell Electronics web site for more.


What makes a good video? A creative idea or concept, then a good script.  Great shooting, lighting & sound.  Properly cast talent and voice-over talent.  Tight editing, proper use of music and sound effects.  High-end graphics and animation.   And the time and budget to support these areas.  Also hiring a crew with talent and experience that are easy to work with.


Do you hire actors and actresses? Yes. Sometimes we cast local, other times we put out casting notices to talent agencies and casting web sites. If you have a headshot, we do keep a database of potential talent.


Can I put my Power Point onto video? Yes.  However, depending on graphic content, this may or may not crossover well to video.  Power Point is designed to work on high-resolution computer monitors.  Televisions and video monitors don’t handle small text and small graphics near as well as computer monitors.  So depending on the actual content of the Power Point, it may or may not work well directly converted over to a video medium.  We have had to rebuild many graphics and other components of Power Point programs in order to make them effective on a television screen.  We can tell pretty quickly while watching a Power Point if it will work or not.


Can I use my analog video on the internet? Yes.  It doesn’t matter how or what a project is shot on to get it onto the Internet.  Don’t let the word “digital” affect your plans. That word is thrown around way too loosely.


Can I have $700? No, but good try.


Do you make copies of videos and DVDs? Yes, but thru Azbell Electronics.  Call 254-754-4689 to get more info.


How did you get started? It’s a long story.....


Do you shoot weddings? Yes, but only on special occasions…..Call to discuss.


Are you currently hiring? Our crews are hired as contract labor.  Which basically means we have no full-time employees.  Most smaller production companies work this way.  Otherwise overhead would eat us up and cost our clients more.  But if you have a particular talent or experience you’d like to tell us about, please contact us.


Do you use interns? Yes, we have taken on many interns over the years, mostly from Baylor University and TSTC. Internships are usually unpaid.


Are you going to make more movies? Yes I hope to. That’s always the goal.  Stay tuned.


Please contact us with any other questions you may have. Thank you.













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